Welcome to CLIC

We are an Innovations unit specialising in the application of technology to Learning, Innovation and Collaboration. We deliver novel products and services to meet the complex needs of learners, researchers and knowledge workers.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Media Training and production
  • Software and Web Development
  • Project Capture and Evaluation
  • SharePoint Collaboration
  • Media Streaming
  • And many more..

For more information on the services available at CLIC please check our What We Do page.

How We Can Help

CLIC Project Scheme

We offer a Project scheme to all teams and departments at the University of Birmingham. Many projects last for a short period of less than a year or a fixed term of one to five years. A Project scheme can be tailored to include the range of services and facilities you need and expanded as your needs grow or change. Projects which have a fixed term can be paid for using this scheme.


CLIC is fully self-funded through membership and hire of our services to individuals, teams, departments and colleges within the University. We offer a range of facilities and services to all internal customers of the University. Some of these, such as video conferencing or media training can be hired at hourly or daily rates.

What We Do

Video Conferencing

- Advanced Video
- Excellent Audio Quality
- Extensive Presentation
- Easy to Use Computer
- 100% JVCS Certified
- Fully Managed


Event Filming & Live Video Streaming

- On Location
- Conferences
- Live Video Streaming
- Studio Filming


Audio-Visual Production

- DVD Production
- Wide Range of
- Easily Digitise Your
- Media Conversion
- Web Streaming


Enabling Collaboration

- Bringing Teams
- International
- Research Groups
- Making Things Easy


Software and Web Development

- Software Development
- Web Development
- Mobile Development
- Large Scale Database
- Bespoke Solutions


Hands-On Training

- Camera Work
- Media Work
- AV Editing
- Software Training
- Built Around You


Email: team@clic.bham.ac.uk  |  UK Tel: 0121 414 2747
Fax: 0121 414 4291  |  Overseas Tel: +44 121 414 2747
Address: CLIC, N425 4th Floor Gisbert Kapp Building, University of Birmingham, Pritchatts Road, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK